The best dating sites in my opinion are those that encourage dating, and having fun without focus on commitment too soon into a budding relationship. Dating, by definition is casual and relaxed, and about getting to know someone. Many people choose not to date one person exclusively, and this is a smart move if you want to keep things fun and non-committal.
The best dating sites will recognize that dating has changed, and become more relaxed, casual and open and that sex is not such a big deal, and not just something you do with the person you want to marry. Most relationships now start off as hookups that uncover deeper feelings, no longer are singles looking for marriage and LTRs from the get go, but instead for casual and no-strings fun as a prelude to meeting the right person. Hook-Up is a great example of one of the best dating sites that gets it right, and perfectly illustrates how modern dating has evolved. It makes sense to find out if you are compatible with a potential life partner before you commit and Hook-Up encourages this. The best dating sites follow this model and encourage members to meet causally and shop around for the right person. Sex is not something to shy away from, and in this day and age it often happens on the first meeting, and with good reason, incompatibility in the bedroom is the number one reason couples break up, so it makes sense to see if you work that way early on, before feelings can develop.
The best dating sites are also busy, and easy to search for people you might like. Don’t bother with overly complex sites, or ones that go on about finding the perfect match, commitment and all that stuff that sells romance novels. Not only is this unrealistic, but it gives people unrealistic expectations in which they set their standards too high and end up discounting potential dates who they may in time grow to love!